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Dane Spotts Mind Power & Meditation

Download FREE audio files in mp3 format, featuring the entrepreneur, author and inventor, Dane Spotts. These are some very powerful tools that will get you on the track to success. Continue listening to the audio daily, weekly, even monthly and realize the impact that it will have on your life. Mind Power [11.6MB] danes-mindpower.mp3 Meditation […]

Subliminal Money Magnet Video

Please take some time out of your busy day to watch this powerful bit of subliminal video. Influence your mind to become the ultimate money magnet Money Magnet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EbDzJCCWxw&NR=1 “This is a very powerful method of influencing your mind. It has several subliminal messages. Audio and video. Influence your Mind NOW.”

Audio: 50 Things I’m Going to Do Today

The following audio recording is recommend to those who are looking for positive affirmations and ways to improve life by making simple changes to their daily routines. Take time to relax and listen this free audio file. Here is a direct link to the MP3: http://www.learnoutloud.com/audiobooks/50Things.mp3 You should also check out www.learnoutloud.com for additional audio […]

100 Inspiring Videos

I was researching inspirational videos to share with a large audience, and I came across an excellent blog post featuring 100 of the most inspiring videos. All of the online videos are FREE and definitely inspirational! I hope you will bookmark this link and refer back to this collection when you need a bit if […]

Money Magnet Subliminal Video for Clearing

“Clear your way to wealth using this free subliminal money video. Enjoy the beautiful imagery and just let yourself relax. Learn new ways of what life and money mean to you. Does it mean winning? Does it mean earning cash?”

How to Attract Money Into Your Life

Do you want to attract money, abundance, and prosperity into your life? Do you want money, abundance, and prosperity to come to you more easily? Do you want to feel good about having money? Do you want to be free of debt? If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, you are […]

How to Manifest Extreme Money with Bob Proctor

Watch this video featuring Bob Proctor and his methods of manifesting extreme money. “The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing. What is the main thing?………Freedom.” Learn how to become ‘You’, and become the best person you can be. “If I wanna be free, I gotta be me.”  Get the Secrets […]

Daily Wealth Affirmation Video

Watch this video twice daily to affirm your wealth. (2:08) “First, say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.” – Epictetus “It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” – Claude M. Bristol

The Fundamental Principles of Personal Wealth

Please take some time out of your busy day to listen to this free wealth manifesting audio mp3 online. FREE mp3: The Fundamental Principles of Personal Wealth Quoted from the site hosting the mp3: This is a gift – There is nothing to buy – ever! The messenger gives the message as a gift to […]

World’s Greatest Money Magic

Check out this video clip from the Money Magic DVD; featuring Magic Tricks using different Money, Coins and Bills.