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Subliminal Money Magnet Video

Please take some time out of your busy day to watch this powerful bit of subliminal video. Influence your mind to become the ultimate money magnet Money Magnet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EbDzJCCWxw&NR=1 “This is a very powerful method of influencing your mind. It has several subliminal messages. Audio and video. Influence your Mind NOW.”

The Secret Of The Universe

Watch this powerful video to inspire your soul. “If you know this one secret you can change your life and change your world. You can have anything you desire and live your life without limits ” http://www.ManifestLife.com

I Won The Lottery

Viewing this powerful ‘Win the Lottery’ video can help you focus on actually winning the lottery. Continuously visualize and picture yourself winning huge lottery jackpots. By manifesting your desires to win the lotto you will ultimately succeed. But, you have to play in order to win… 1,000 Weeks Of Lotto – What Worked, What Didnt! […]

Powerful Wealth Manifestation

This free video is an incredibly powerful manifestation tool for manifesting wealth. Watch it for 30 days straight and you will begin to see your financial picture change in amazing ways. Law Of Attraction Powerful Wealth Manifestation Affirmation – video powered by Metacafe

Wealth Affirmations

These powerful short affirmations are designed for you to watch daily, encouraging you to maintain your wealthy mindset.

Extreme Money Manifestation

Watch this powerful Money and Success Affirmations featuring Subliminal Audio/Video Switchwords. The musical background helps you to relax. “You are a success. It is now okay to be successful.”