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Manifesting Prosperity & Abundance

“Dreams are wishes your heart makes. Having a dream is what keeps you alive, and overcoming challenges that make life worth living. It is a matter of identifying those things you are truly passionate about and giving yourself absolutely to them.” “Picture yourself three months from now… Achieving any goal, desire or dream in your […]

Think Abundance Now

“Do you ever wonder how many drops are in a glass of water? How about a swimming pool, or lake, the ocean, or the world? Is it possible to change your current financial situation simply by changing your mind? This 5-minute film by Andy Grant and Amy Scott Grant offers an extraordinary perspective on abundance […]

How to Attract Money Into Your Life

Do you want to attract money, abundance, and prosperity into your life? Do you want money, abundance, and prosperity to come to you more easily? Do you want to feel good about having money? Do you want to be free of debt? If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, you are […]

The Master Key System

“The Master Key System” is one of the original teachings of the Law of Attraction and what “The Secret” is based on. Learn how to attract abundance, prosperity, financial freedom, and wealth. By simply changing your way of thinking plus using the proper methods of concentration, you can learn how to control your thoughts and […]

Manifesting Prosperity & Abundance

Your dreams are wishes made by your heart. Having a dream is what keeps you alive, and motivated to overcome the challenges which make life worth living. Identify the things which you are passionate about and give your all to keep those dreams alive.

Wealth & Prosperity Video Affirmations

Wealth and Prosperity Affirmations using the power of of audio and video. Continue practicing the Law of Attraction by viewing this presentation on a regular basis. Wealth and Prosperity Video Affirmations – These bloopers are hilarious

68 Second Money Booster

Use this video to meditate and focus on bringing more money into your life. This can be a powerful way to boost the experience of attracting money. You must image what it feels like to have an abundance of wealth and what having all of that extra money will bring you. Continue to focus on […]

Ocean of Abundance

This affirmation video utilizes combined switchwords designed to stimulate Success, Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth. Please relax and enjoy the marine aquarium background featuring sounds of the ocean.