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Attracting Wealth Hip Hop Style

“1)  Focus on the images of money and words, instructing your subconscious according to your own personal goals. 2) From time to time take out, handle and look at the money in your current possession. Feel the texture and weight. Notice the color and design. Also take note of bank statements. Count the amounts. Thoughtfully […]

Subliminal Wealth Video

The following subliminal wealth video is packed with thousands of switchwords and hidden messages to help you mentally visualize the idea of having an abundance of wealth. Need a $1,000? Attract it…

Ocean of Abundance

This affirmation video utilizes combined switchwords designed to stimulate Success, Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth. Please relax and enjoy the marine aquarium background featuring sounds of the ocean.

Extreme Money Manifestation

Watch this powerful Money and Success Affirmations featuring Subliminal Audio/Video Switchwords. The musical background helps you to relax. “You are a success. It is now okay to be successful.”